Club member John Greenaway suggested some years ago that many flying club members were also radio controlled aeromodellers and it was decided to mow a 60 square yard flying field in the north field.  Members who wish to avail themselves of this facility should contact John who can give detailed explanation of the basic rules and regulations associated with this facility.

The basic requirements for persons to fly model aircraft at Popham are:

  •  Must be a current member of the Spitfire Flying Club (Fee 75 / annum)
  •  Must have model insurance
  • Must be fully competent at flying models
  • No model flying on open days e.g. Full fly-ins etc. (see Events) unless it is in the evening after the full flying ceases
  • If you are there first please report to ATC in the Clubroom to advise you will be there and your intentions.  ATC have been known to visibly twitch if they see an aeroplane that they are not talking to - then you will be in trouble!
  • Always respect real aircraft in the circuit
  • Fly to the north side of the airfield on the allocated model aircraft strip
  • Use common sense.  This is not a general public model flying area.  It is a privilege enjoyed by members of the Spitfire Flying Club
  • Happy & safe flying!  Remember it is easier to fly a full size aircraft!
  • Do not do this on your own - always ask advice!


  Direct enquiries for model aircraft flying to John Greenaway at  j.greenaway42@btinternet.com

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