This is a summary of web site updates and general news items.


Popham has an excellent team of Marshals who look after the aircraft parking arrangements at our Fly-ins and also assist at some other events.  We are looking for a couple more enthusiastic people to join the team.  You must be basically fit and free at weekends.  Uniform will be provided and full training given by our experienced leader.  For further information contact the manager, Mike Pearson at the airfield


With effect from 16/12/2016 the price of 100LL will be £1.65 per litre (inclusive of VAT).  The price of UL91 will also be £1.65 per litre (inclusive of VAT).


With effect from 17:00 on 28/08/2016 the price of 100LL will be £1.60 per litre (inclusive of VAT).  The price of UL91 will also be £1.60 per litre (inclusive of VAT).


The latest WMPC information update can be read here


Popham weather gauges should be working again!


The Royal Aero Club has awarded “The Queens Cup” to the UKFPV Racing Association and Popham is hosting the event here next weekend 30th/31st July on our new FPV Racing Circuit. The attached Video link shows our course as tested by the organisers last week all spitfire club members are welcome there are 60 race competitors registered with heats and finals over the weekend the presentations being made around 3pm on Sunday. Here is a link to the You Tube clip of the Popham race lap if members would like to get a feel for the competition.


The offset a
pproach to runway 26 "Arrow" has been refurbished.


With effect from 08/05/2016 the price of 100LL will be £1.58 per litre (inclusive of VAT).  The price of UL91 will also be £1.58 per litre (inclusive of VAT).



Click here for the Microlight Trade Fair and Aero Auto Jumble special procedures for 2016 !!   Due to CAP 403  some things have changed from our usual operations !!  Remember - it's the coming May Bank Holiday Weekend !



With immediate effect the price of 100LL will be £1.54 per litre (inclusive of VAT).  The price of UL91 will also be £1.54 per litre (inclusive of VAT).



Popham Clubroom


Meet the Solent Controllers

A presentation by the NATS controllers based at Southampton Airport regarding Southampton Approach and Solent Radar. Discussion and Q&A.

We will provide a few light refreshments and tea/coffee to encourage members and guests to a useful safety briefing.


1)   What is the Solent Airspace all about – how CAT and GA interact – what the various Southampton-supplied ATC services are – neighbouring services

2)   What the LAIT initiative is – the threat to GA – targets for change – potential mitigations – how local pilots can help

3)   Open Forum and Q&A session



GASCO Safety Evening organised by the Andover Strut.  Time 19:30



With immediate effect the price of 100LL will be £1.58 per litre (inclusive of VAT).  The price of UL91 will also be £1.58 per litre (inclusive of VAT).



Wiltshire Aircraft Maintenance

Wiltshire Aircraft Maintenance

have a new new web site see:




This year’s member’s Christmas Party will take place in the clubroom on Saturday 19 December 7.30 for 8pm.  Food is a pig roast and I have booked a Barber Shop Quartet to entertain you and also a Magician who will amaze you from 7.45 to 8.45 (whilst you’re still sober).  I think this is an evening not to be missed.  However, I need to get 70 folk along to make the Event worthwhile so I would be most grateful if you could let me know if you intend to come at your earliest opportunity.  Tickets can be purchased in the clubroom and are £23.50 a head. I hope to have some Raffle Prizes from Pooley’s Flight Equipment plus anything the more generous member care to bring along.  All proceeds from this raffle will go to the Starlight Foundation

.  Dick



EDF have abandoned their proposal for a wind farm just 2 miles West of Popham.  We are all delighted that Popham is once again free of any wind farm threat.  Click here for the detailed report.


The upgrade of certain kitchen facilities to comply with new gas EEC Regulations

is now complete and is fully serviceable again


New Lee-on-Solent beach access:

A very simple grass path makes the world of difference to pilots and passengers visiting Daedalus Aerodrome. Opened on the hottest day of the year so far, 1 July 2015, this 200 metre path enables pilots and passengers to walk to the seafront at Lee-on-Solent and Hill Head in just three and half minutes from the airfield's original and still operational WW2 Control Tower.

Visitors who have flown to Daedalus from across the UK and Europe can for the first time make the short walk to the seafront, to take in the views of the Solent and enjoy local facilities which include beaches, places to eat, shops and accommodation for longer stays. Adopting a method popular at other European aerodromes, convenient return access onto the aerodrome is provided, as and when required, by use of a security code at the aerodrome's pre-existing seafront pedestrian gate.

Local Information for Visiting Dogs!  For dogs visiting by air, for whom a good owner-walk is a key element of any days flying, here is some local information for you and your owner.

Year round we local dogs walk our owners along the entire seafront promenade and onto the beaches south of and west of Hill Head Road (half a mile west of runway 05) and south-east of Beach Road in Lee-on-the-Solent itself. I walk mine there at least four or five times a week, even though he does stop me chasing the coastal birds feeding at low tide. They need all the food they can get, especially in winter, apparently. "And who doesn't!?"  I tell him:-)

Anyhow, in the summer I walk west to the Hill Head beaches mentioned above - great places where we get our owners off-lead for a good run around and swim in the sea (some of them are barking, I know mine is). Or we walk them east along the promenade, and go onto the beach once past the skateboarders and further east to the Browndown military training beach.If it's not too hot for them we take then beyond Browndown all the way to Gilkicker point for even more fantastic views.

When your owner gets hungry there are plenty of places to take them. Nearest to the aerodrome seafront gate is the Snack Shack, where you can also take your owner to buy him or herself a new tennis ball to throw -  don't they just love that. And it is good exercise for them.

When it is too breezy for them to eat outside you can take them inside at The Osbourne View and Breezes, both at Hill Head, and The Bun Penny and other places at Lee-on-Solent. These all sell special doggie-owner treats, from cream teas to real ale. If they buy too much you may have to finish up for them. Being local I have not tried a B&B here but some of them will be dog-owner friendly for sure.

As usual when visiting the airfield itself, keep your owner on a lead and under control of course. Help us out by barking at them if they are not tracking the centreline on initial climbout on 23, because Mr Robertson may notice you if his seafront flat is overflown; it is only 75m from the runway centreline!

Lots to do and see here - all accessible via Daedalus Aerodrome - come and find some new favourite places!

Best regards,

P.S. if you find a tennis ball, that'll be one of mine :-)



Dear Member, You probably know that last year, a decision was made to hold a Reggae Music Festival at Popham on 4th – 6th September 2015. It is my duty to inform you that if you have any misgivings about the event, then click here to see the letter from the Basingstoke Licencing department will give further details of it and the procedures to follow. Best wishes, Dick Richardson



On 8th April 2015 the CAA changed the previous restriction on CRI's being able to sign off the "One Hour Instructor Flight" for EASA licences. Chris on the ATC desk has now obtained the required CAA FCL945 authorisation and can now sign both UK and EASA licences.

Friday 17/04/2015

Captain Eric (Winkle) Brown will be giving us a lecture in the Popham Clubroom on Friday 17th April starting SHARP at 19.45 or 7.45pm for the civvies amongst us.  There will be an entry charge of a fiver per person to cover costs and will include refreshments after.

The clubroom can only take so many people (our record was 110 for Brian Trubshaw) but it was standing room only. Get here early to get a seat!

Please let me ( ) know if you intend to come so that I can hire extra chairs and buy food for the masses!



Popham "Events" updated.


Dear Popham Members, It is with deep regret that I submitted notice of my resignation to our patron Susie Church last week. I will be leaving Popham as Manager on 27 Feb 15.  My reasons for leaving are purely personal. Gillian, my partner, has now moved to Chesterfield to be near her parents, thus I need to relocate myself nearer to her.  I will remain as a flying member at Popham and hope to see you all in our friendly clubroom and join you in fly-out that have been planned.  I will of course support Popham in any way I can, now and in the future.  It is with much sadness that I do this as Popham, and all the members, are close to my heart.  I must also advise that Chris White my invaluable deputy has been asked to leave, and Dick will be replacing me in the short term until a new manager can be found.  Yours sincerely,  Gerry

Dick Richardson will resume the reins for the time being.

 Fuel now available at any time at the pumps which are now automatic via Credit / Debit Card only.  Remember, if you want a receipt put your card in again at the end of the transaction.
 Links added on "Events" Tab for Entry Forms for TRADERS in the Microlight Trade Fair and Aero/Auto Jumble in May.
 Landing Fees increased £6 Single £12 Twin

After numerous trials and tribulations it should now be possible to access the Popham Weather Station gauges directly from your home PC/Tablet/Mobile.  What you will see is a short summary of the full screen on the Popham ATC desk.  The data is updated on the host every five minutes so you may need to refresh the page as required.  Unfortunately not all mobile devices can view the active "Flash" content but this is outside our control !

See also the direct link buttons under the "Cloud" icons on the home page.


Popham will be open on Boxing Day with the cafe serving all-day breakfasts!  Gerry will be on duty and if enough of you turn up, and are interested, he may fire up the BBQ to make a change from Turkey. Please also feel free to bring any leftover mince pies/food etc to share with those other poor souls who need an escape.  Looking forward to seeing you all,

Season’s Greetings from all Popham Staff


All Popham Members - IMPORTANT NEWS

Change of Venue  -  The Christmas party and Hog Roast is this Saturday and we will now be having the party at the airfield in the Clubroom.   Due to the change of venue we have now had to limit the tickets to 70, the catering will be unchanged (hog roast with vegetarian option). Tickets are still for sale, but there are not that many left.  Come and buy tickets now as we will not be able to admit people on the night, unless you have contacted me first and reserved your place.  Due of course to the number limit of persons we can get into the Clubroom. 

There will be a cash bar, the food is included in the ticket price.

Let’s make it a great night.  To whet your appetite here are some photos of last year.  I will blow the moths off my Dinner Suit.

Remember the Prize Draw will be held during the party.  The timing of the event is 7:30 on Saturday 20th December 2014.

Looking forward to seeing you all there 



Today, the long talked about Self Service and payment by plastic card system went ‘live’.  This means you can pay for fuel, oil, etc., at the ATC desk by Credit, Debit and even AmEx Cards.  You can also obtain fuel out of office/ATC desk hours using a credit or debit card at the new self-service pumps. You can get fuel early for a quick getaway or later on that nice summer evening.  Please ask if you are not sure how to operate them.  We will be on hand in this change over period. 

The other advantage to Popham is that we will no longer need fuel accounts (Group Treasures please note!) as now you can pay without needing cash, as we used to, and out of hours when we would not be around   This will reduce the administration overhead, improve the cash flow and allow us to go onto better things.

Please bear with us during this changeover period.


2015 proposed Events added


Bullington and Woodmancott Wind Farm information updated.  Click here.


Attention Pop Shop Flyers !  For all those flying into Popham to attend the Pop Shop fly (July 5th - 6th) in please check your NOTAMS.  The Royal Aero Club Air Race will be taking place on the same weekend so there must be no aircraft arrivals or departures at the following times… Saturday 1200 - 1330 & 1515 - 1630 & Sunday 1145 - 1300.  The airfield is CLOSED at these times as per NOTAM


New video of Wind Farm danger to Popham. The wind farm video was produced as an aide-memoire within more expansive discussions on the subject and is not intended to be the taken in isolation without reference to the production team and other objections filed with the councils." Please click here


2014 Microlight Trade Fair and Aero Auto Jumble Procedures.Please click here


N.B. This info is now out of date for further any consultation.

Proposed Farnborough Class "D" Airspace.  Please raise your objections ASAP.

Basic Proposal information - click here

Half Mil Chart diagram - click here

Reasons for objecting - click here

Sample objection letter - click here

Notes from meeting at Lasham - click here


Electricity generation costs updated in Windfarm information.


2014 Events updated (additional info added regarding 6th April).


Lee-on-Solent Daedalus (EGHF) has withdrawn the previous formal 24 hour PPR request but does ask that you telephone before coming.  Airfield Tower operational hours, until further notice, continue to be 10:00 till 16:30 x 7 days per week, with an Air to Ground service provided during these times. .


2014 Events updated.


2014 Memberships are now due.  For those of you who have paid most have now been processed and you can collect your card from the box on the ATC desk.  We are expecting a new delivery of cards so please be patient if your card is not there.  Fees can be found under the "Membership" tab on this site.


With effect from the 1st December 2013, the price of 100LL will be £1.88 per litre (inclusive of VAT).  The price of UL91 will be £1.84 per litre (inclusive of VAT).


Christmas Party & Hog Roast.  13th December 2013.  Tickets £10.  Drinks available for purchase.  Christmas Draw - Tickets on ATC desk.


Winter Hours are 08:30 to 16:30 or Sunset if earlier.


Landing Fees for singles reduced to £5.00 for the winter as a trial.


Gerry Smith takes over as the new manager.  Popham business remains on the regular Email address of 


Change of Management

Dick Richardson (the manager at Popham for 26 years) retired on the 26th August 2013.  Gerry Smith takes over. Anyone wishing to contact Dick after that date should note that his Email address is

Popham business remains on the regular Email address of 


 Sorry about this but we are just passing on the increase to us!  With effect from the 1st August 2013, the price of 100LL will be £1.95 per litre (inclusive of VAT).  The price of UL91 will be £1.85 per litre (inclusive of VAT).  A 20L drum of Oil will now be £105.00


IMPORTANT Woodmancott Wind Farm further objection information added


Woodmancott Wind Farm objection information added


Bullington Wind Farm objection information added


Starlight Day changed to Wednesday 14th August 2013


Southampton Airport Update: 23rd April 2013

Due to government upgrades to the telecommunications network to allow for extra 4G frequencies, Southampton Airport will be upgrading its Radar data processing software in the week commencing 29th April for a period of five days. The main impact for general aviation is that we will be unable to provide any radar services outside of controlled airspace including traffic services and de-confliction services. Zone transits will still be available during this time but we recommend that pilots allow a little extra time to allow for the increased procedures involved for the Solent Radar controllers. Surveillance Radar approaches will be unavailable during this time. 

"We would be grateful if you could share this information with your club members and visiting pilots and we appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.”


New 2013 1:25000 and 1:500000 Charts available - £16 from the desk.


The web cam is now working.  You MUST go through ALL the initial setup instructions (on the Web Cam page) on your own PC/Tablet/Phone before you will be able to view the Quicktime Stream.


Following the recent break-ins, we have installed an intruder alarm system in each of hangars 1, 2 & 3.  All occupiers must acquaint themselves with the entry procedures otherwise mayhem will ensue!!  This information can be obtained from Dick at any time or the duty radio man.

Popham advisory weather is now available on the Internet via the "Weather & NOTAM's tab.  What you see is a subset of the actual weather information as displayed on the AGCS ("ATC" to you") desk.  The weather data is currently updated to the web every five minutes but there is NO automatic update to your browser for the top row dials so you will need to press F5 for the latest information.  Please note: no warranty is expressed or implied in this data as it comes from a standard, un-calibrated "Easyweather" program.  Note: The weather program uses Adobe FlashPlayer to display any "real time" information.  Make sure you have this add-in installed.
An additional Fly-in has been added to the Events on Bank Holiday Monday 26th August 2013 to celebrate Dick Richardson's farewell retirement.
CLASSIC VEHICLE APPLICATIONS PLEASE NOTE: Anyone wishing to enter a vehicle over 30 years old for the May 6th event can obtain a free pass by sending an SAE to: Dick Richardson, Popham Airfield, Coxford Down, Winchester, SO21 3BD. 

On the day, the policy will be no pass, no free entry....just like the bike show.  This year we will not be sending out entry forms. If you ring up for an entry pass, you will be asked to send an SAE with a note outlining your requirements and the number of passes required.  Entry forms will not be needed.

This year's Memberships are now due!  Over 300 members have already renewed for 2013 - have you?  Remember, if you fly at Popham (whether in a light aircraft or a microlight) or are a member of a group aircraft you must be a member of the Spitfire Flying Club.  Members renewing after 31st January 2013 will be charged a further £15 Rejoining fee!
Our bank has commenced refusing to honour any cheque made out to "The Spitfire Flying Club".  In future, if you are paying ANY invoice or other payment by cheque then please make out the payee as "Charles Church Spitfires Limited".  The ATC desk has the correct stamp.
As of 6th December 2012, aircraft UL91 fuel price will decrease to £1.80/litre, 100LL fuel price will decrease to £1.90/litre inclusive of VAT (plus landing fee for non-members).  Non-aircraft 100LL fuel will remain £2.20/litre.
List of Events for 2013 added
We have news that Sandown Airfield Cafe is now operating.  The airfield is sill open as usual by PPR from Carla while she relocates her premises.
We have next year's membership cards and forms ready for you to rush in and pay for!  Warning! -There is an increase in increase in cost for 2013 but as usual we will hold this year's prices until the end of 2012.
Dick will be producing his usual Christmas Newsletter shortly and he requests that any of you that have stories to tell about you exploits (serious or funny), long or short, or any relevant pictures, then please let him have them as soon as possible.

There is a long standing rule at Popham that "Touch & Go's" are not allowed on R26.  As the winter ground gets damp and soggy we are going to revise this rule as follows: 

MICROLIGHTS (ONLY WITH AN INSTRUCTOR ON BOARD) may do Touch & Go's on R26, without asking, to save taxiing back and forth. 

LIGHT AIRCRAFT may NOT do T & G's at any time (unless safety prevails).  In the winter please endeavour to taxi back on the Southern Taxiway to avoid wear and tear on the high usage north side.


Just a reminder that we move into winter hours opening at the end of October.  This means that the Clubroon and ATC will be open from  08:30 - 16:30 (or sunset if earlier)!  Aircraft may fly outside these hours only with by prior arrangement with the Manager.


There will be a GASCo Safety evening at Popham on 8th October


We have heard that BN have pulled out of Sandown and not signed the new lease.  To use the airfield one must call Carla Hurn on 07930 242488.  More news as we have it.


CarFest is on at Laverstoke this Bank Holiday Weekend 25th-26th August.  This is immediately west of the railway line, right in the downwind leg of the Popham circuit.  The is a NOTAM'ed air display both afternoons and THEY WILL BE USING OUR FREQUENCY!  Fast Jets will also be operating within the Popham local circuit area.

Please note that for these two days only, Popham will only be using R21 WITH A LEFT HAND CIRCUIT and no flying is to be done west of the airfield boundary.  Please DO NOT JOIN OVERHEAD and DO NOT let down West or North West of the airfield (which would be the "normal" dead side)

Saturday 25th August - Limted private flying until 1245 local then flying displays by Tornados, Blades, Black Cats, Arbarth Extra, and Kittyhawk until 1500 local.

Sunday 26th August - Limted private flying until 0945 local then flying displays by Sea Fury, Blades, Tornados, Black Cats, Arbarth Extra, BBMF and the Vulcan until 1630 local.

As of 25th August 2012, aircraft UL91 fuel price will increase to £1.85/litre, 100LL fuel price will increase to £1.95/litre inclusive of VAT (plus landing fee for non-members).  Non-aircraft 100LL fuel will be £2.20/litre.
Listening Squawk for Farnborough of 4572 (listen on 125.25) is extended for a trial period.  See: for more details.
Starlight Charity Event, Thursday 16th August. Many thanks to everyone who either flew or assisted.
Starlight Charity Event, Thursday 16th August.  Airfield CLOSED to non-participating aircraft all day 0700z to 1700Z.
Calais want more visitors!  A link to their Customs form is:
As of 1st July 2012, aircraft fuel price will decrease to £1.90/litre inclusive of VAT (plus landing fee for non-members).  Non-aircraft 100LL fuel will remain £2.15/litre.
As of 1st April 2012, Avgas UL91 is available.  Aircraft fuel price is £1.79/litre inclusive of VAT (plus landing fee for non-members).  Non-aircraft UL91 fuel is £2.00/litre.
As of 1st April 2012, aircraft fuel price will increase to £1.95/litre inclusive of VAT (plus landing fee for non-members).  Non-aircraft 100LL fuel will be £2.15/litre.
The new half-mil charts are available together with a FREE Olympic Airspace chart.  Cost £16.00 from the ATC desk.
As of 1st March 2012, aircraft fuel price will increase to £1.90/litre inclusive of VAT (plus landing fee for non-members).  Non-aircraft fuel will be £2.10/litre.  Note:  The last increase was in June last year so we have done quite well to hold the prices increases to us!
We have been notified that the Cafe at Sandown Airport is closed until further notice.
2102 Memberships are due by 31st January 2012.  After this date a "New Joiners" fee of £15 will be strictly applied making the full membership fee £150 for existing renewals.  Remember, you could have renewed your membership for £125 if you had done it by the end of December 2011!
2012 Popham paid-up membership cards are now in the box on the ATC desk (along with those from 2010 and 2011 that have still not been collected)!
Just a reminder that the airfield is now in its usual winter state with the cones out to protect the high usage area between the clubhouse and the fuel bay.  We have a sign on the fence outside ATC by the signals square that can be viewed from the webcam that will state either "No circuits" (meaning the surface is very soft and will deteriorate rapidly with high usage), or "Closed" (which should be self explanatory!  No sign means the airfield is fully serviceable.  Usual caveats apply: if the sign is wet it is raining, if the sign is all white it is snowing, if the sign is crooked it is very windy!
2012 Popham memberships are now full price (the 2011 early payment offer is now withdrawn)!  After 31st January you will be asked to pay a "new joiner" fee as well!
Events List updated to include Saturday 30th June and Sunday 8th July 2012
We will hopefully be stocking the new UL91 aviation fuel early in the New Year which should be considerably cheaper than 100LL (initial estimate is £170/Litre but don't quote us on that yet!) for those who can use it.  Airborne Aviation will be using it and might well turn out to be one of our biggest customers. It will be dispensed from a stationary Bowser in the compound but considerable preparation is required to the fuel compound beforehand so watch this space.
You can now get your 2012 Popham membership renewed for 2012 at a discount rate until 31st December 2011.  Please pick up a form at the ATC desk.
NATS want all GA pilots to file a test flight plan on 12th November 2012 to test the Olympic Airspace system.  Please see the link to the NATS web site on
The Popham Web Cam has a new IP address.  The access from the "Web Cam Page" has been updated.  Anyone who uses a direct IP address access should change it to the new address of
A document has been added to "Popular Links" giving information about crossing Brize Zone.
We are experiencing problems with our BT Internet connection.  Please bear with us if the web cam is not working.
Please note - 2011 membership subscriptions are now well overdue and some notable people are still flying here!  You must be a member if you fly or are in a group at Popham.
Winter hours are 08:30 to 16:30.  The cafeteria will now open at 09:00 on Saturdays and Sundays.
The eastern end of runway 26 is coned off for repairs (where all you guys and gals start your take off roll!).  This will take place throughout the winter.  This also means that R26 is shortened by about 40 meters.  There are two new entrances to the runway just short of the coned area.  Note that holding point is still at the bottom of the slope!
2012 Events list updated
As of 1st August 2011, aircraft fuel price will increase to £1.85/litre inclusive of VAT (plus landing fee for non-members).  Non-aircraft fuel will be £2.05/litre.
The Popham Web Cam should now be working. 
The Popham Web Cam is NOT working.  This is due some changes being made to the Router by BT.  We will advise when it is "up" again.
We are advised that there will be two periods of Gliding Competitions originating from Lasham Airfield (EGHL) this summer. They are:-

1, A regional Competition 28th May to 5th June involving 80 Gliders.

2, National and Regional Competition 20th August to 28th August involving 80 Gliders

The period of activity will be from 0830UTC until Sunset
The competition tasks will be weather dependant but will range in length from 75nm to in excess of 350nm.
The tasks will be set between various points on the UK Landmass south of 53.00N. The tasks will be set in Class G Airspace.
The gliders will fly at heights of between 500ft above ground to the top of the convective layer, will not observe quadrantal rules and may fly in cloud.
It is unlikely that many will be transponder equipped.

Bembridge Airfield re-opens as an unlicensed airfield managed by the Vectis Gliding Club Ltd (VGC). VGC conducts gliding operations on Wednesday (BST), Saturday and Sunday also Bank holidays weather permitting , however gliding operations may take place on any day. There are also a number of resident power aircraft, and model flying at any time to the North side of the 23 grass runway up to 500 feet agl.  Gliders are launched by aero tow behind a Piper Super Cub aircraft call sign “Tug”. Gliders may be launched either from the concrete runway or from the grass to the South of the runway. VGC may also use 23 grass in some conditions. Blind radio calls to “Bembridge Traffic” are given.

Visiting aircraft are welcome however Prior Permission is required (PPR) for any aircraft to land at Bembridge. PPR and a briefing should be obtained by telephoning 07770228852.




As of 16th April 2011, aircraft fuel price will increase to £1.80/litre inclusive of VAT (plus landing fee for non-members).  Non-aircraft fuel will now be £2.00/litre.


03/21 now has runway numbers and shortly there will be a new windsock at the southern end.


Landings are now free at Old Warden.  You still have to pay to get in the Museum but it's a nice place to go.

Don Binks (your Tuesday/Thursday controller) is leaving for the wilds of Norfolk in April.  He is holding a small get-together at 12:30 on 7th April in Popham Clubroom.  Anyone wanting to say goodbye to him (and the end of an era) please add your name to the list in the Clubroom and you will be welcome to tea/coffee and sandwiches.
As of 1st March 2011, aircraft fuel price will increase to £1.76/litre inclusive of VAT (plus landing fee for non-members).  Non-aircraft fuel will now be £1.95/litre.

or N

06/02/2011 As of 09 February 2017, we now have 314 members listed for 2011, plus 128 members (listed for 2010) who have not yet renewed!  87 members on our 2009 listing did not renew in 2010 and some notable people are still flying here!  Have you paid your membership for 2011?  Remember, if you fly at Popham and/or are a member of a group aircraft you must be a member of the Spitfire Flying Club.  N.B. We do not post anything to you unless you provide an S.A.E!  All paid up membership cards are available for collection in the box on the ATC desk (and if you ain't paid it ain't there)!
02/02/2011 There will be a TV series on the Starlight Foundation commencing Wednesday 16th February at 19:30 on Channel 5.  Popham Airfield will be featured on the 3rd episode to be aired on 2nd March 2011.
21/01/2011 News received about the current status of Bembridge Airport:

As of 1 January 2011, Bembridge Airport has reverted to the day-to-day control of Bembridge Airport Limited.

With effect from the above date, Britten-Norman will not be  involved in airfield operations at Bembridge and the company is therefore regrettably unable to grant access to the main airfield.  Airfield information is available via the NOTAM system or by calling Bembridge Airport Limited.

The tower at Bembridge continues to be staffed by our fully trained personnel and we welcome any rotary traffic to our heliport. The Aero club also remains open to visitors.  PLEASE NOTE - NO FIXED WING VISITORS!

Our sincere apologies to customers who are unable to gain access to Bembridge Airport since the transfer of management to the land owner.

Britten-Norman remains willing and able to continue to manage Bembridge Airport . If you would like to support the company in returning to the role of airfield manager, please contact Peter Dalby, Fly BN Ltd, on the number below.

Bembridge Information: +44 20 3371 4980
Chinook presentation

Popham Clubroom on Friday 25th February 7.30 for 7.45 sharp

£5 per person on entry - this is mainly to cover the food which will be platters of assorted cheeses and hot crusty breads

Speaker is Sqn. Ldr. Russ Norman OC B Flight 27 Sqn. at RAF Odiham who will give a presentation of the Chinook's capabilities and what they get up to on Operations in Afghanistan and other places.

It is most important that anyone who wishes to come lets Dick know either by e mail, phone or writes their name on the new list in the clubroom so that we have enough chairs and food.

As of 1st January 2011, aircraft fuel price will increase to £1.70/litre inclusive of VAT (plus landing fee for non-members).  Non-aircraft fuel will now be £1.90/litre.
Due to an administration error (viz. Dick's cock up!) the dates for the Europa Rally and the de Havilland fly-ins have been swapped.  Please amend your current printed "Events List" accordingly.  A new batch of "Events" will be printed and will soon be available in the Clubhouse.
Christmas Newsletter posted to known member addresses on 3rd December.
Popham will be closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  We will be open as usual on Boxing Day if you want to escape from over eating and garbage TV!
Your 2011 Memberships will be due again on 1st January 2011.  The bad news is that the rate of VAT will rise by 2.5% so the current membership fees will increase a little and also include this tax.  We are currently allowing you to renew for Full £120, OAP £80, and Social £40. 

From 1st January 2011 the fees will be Full £125, OAP £85, and Social £45.

If you think about it, it will therefore be "cheaper" if you renew for next year now!  What a bargain!

Please put your thinking caps on and write something for the annual newsletter.  As you know, the newsletter has grown over the years into an enjoyable Member's publication.  This can only happen with your input.  Have you made an interesting trip ... got some funnies to tell ... anything to sell ... flight safety issues ... anything of interest?  It need not be aviation related.  Photos go down well when illustrating a story BUT please do not embed them as our Editor requires them to be separate to your text.  He will then add them during the publishing process.

Statement issued by Sandown: 

"We would like to confirm that we have obtained a High Court Injunction for our continued use of the runways and taxiways at Sandown. We are open for business and welcome any aircraft wishing to visit. PPR is required on 01983 402402. The cafe is open and proving very popular with Carla's excellent food and hospitality."  The developers had apparently intended to make the runway unusable from 2/10 but now they can't.  

If you do go there just be aware that with Sandown now unlicensed the Bembridge ATZ is a complete circle so is much closer to the Sandown circuit.

WInter hours are now in effect until 31st March 2011.  The airfield is now only open from 08:30 to 16:30 daily.  If the weather is bad then keep an eye on the webcam to see if the airfield is closed - it might save you a trip!
A list of 2011 Events has been added to the Events page

You may have heard in the news of the unfortunate accident to our Piper Tripacer that crashed in the Totton area on its way back from the Isle of White.  The pilot and passenger sustained many injuries but as we understand it, they are stable and recovering - we wish them well.

They did book out and so we were able to fairly quickly ascertain who was flying.   

We have had remarks such as "I will book out/in when we return" - would this help in the above situation?  It could happen to you!

In the light of the item below regarding the closure of Sandown, there is a petition running to keep the airfield open.  Please find the time to sign the form on the ATC desk.
A statement issued 19th August 2010 reference the closure of Sandown Isle of Wight Airport reads:

"You will be aware that the airport has long standing viability issues. In our opinion this is unlikely to change in the future. With regret we write to inform you of the closure of the airport as Friday 1st of October. All flight operations will be prohibited and the runways and taxiways will cease to exist from this date.  Groundwork investigations for the future development of the site will begin in October'".

Competition - Here is an old picture from Popham.  Can you identify the year and/or any of the planes/people?  Please send replies to the Webmaster.

As you may know, Sandown is no longer licensed and no longer has an ATZ.  Whilst over there yesterday, Carla who now runs the little cafe asked that anyone wanting to land at Sandown should call the main airport number which is 01983 405125 - she cannot give you permission to land.  If there is no reply then leave a message on the Answerphone stating when you intend to arrive and then make blind calls on the Sandown frequency.  If there is no official person there then Carla will collect your landing fee.  If you want to check if the Sandown cafe is open then call Carla 07930 242488.  If it is not open then the Garden Centre, a very short walk (right) up the hill from the airfield, has a very good cafe.
We have been asked by Distress and Diversion Cell to support their collection for Help for Heroes.  Please use this link to see their web site detail:
We have been politely reminded that the northern border of the airfield (the wooded area) does not belong to the airfield.  For many years people have used this area to camp or dog walk and we now ask that this practice stops.  The woods belong to the Steventon Estate and they are important area for the breeding of game birds.  Please respect this request in future.
"Sweetheart" the Popham cat passed away peacefully on Saturday 26th June 2010 at the tender age of about 100.  Val has requested that if anyone has any pictures of the cat (old or new) please send them in to DIck at Popham.
Lasham Gliding "Competition Enterprise" 3rd July to 11th July will involve 25 gliders.  Lasham "National Regional Competition" 21st August to 29th August will involve 100 gliders.  Daily tasks and routes will be available on the ATC desk.  Yet another reason to book out!
As of 1st June 2010, aircraft fuel price will increase to £1.60/litre inclusive of VAT (plus landing fee for non-members).  Non-aircraft fuel will now be £1.80/litre.
Research shows that the average price of fuel around our southern airfields is £1.76/litre - we are £1.55 at the moment.  On this basis, all non members will now be expected to pay the £6 landing fee no matter how much fuel they pick up.
As of 1st May 2010, aircraft fuel price will increase to £1.55/litre inclusive of VAT.  Non aircraft will remain at £1.70/litre. Oil will also increase - click here to go to the Fuel page.
As of 1st April 2010, aircraft fuel price will increase to £1.50/litre inclusive of VAT.  Non aircraft will remain at £1.70/litre.
We have just installed a wireless extender for the Internet Router at Popham.  This means that the wireless signal should now be strong enough to be available in the clubroom area.  Please ask at the ATC desk for the security access code.
The Solent area introduced a "listening" Squawk from 06:30 on Thursday 28th January 2010 ask any of our Instructors if you want more details. Solent is the second most infringed airspace in the UK. The current list of "listening squawks" around England is now:
  • 0010 Birmingham 118.050 MHz
  • 0011 Solent / Bournemouth 120.225 MHz / 119.475 MHz
  • 0012 Thames Radar/Gatwick 132.7 MHz / 126.825 MHz respectively
  • 0013 Luton / Stansted 129.550 MHz / 120.625 MHz respectively
  • 6170 Doncaster Approach 126.225 MHz
  • 7366 Manchester 118.575 MHz
15/01/2010 As of 1st February 2010, aircraft fuel price will increase to £1.45/litre inclusive of VAT.  Non aircraft will remain at £1.70/litre.
13/01/2010 As of 13th January 2010, 262 members have renewed for 2010 - 217 members on our list for 2009 so far have not!  Remember, we do not post anything to you unless you provide an S.A.E!  All paid up membership cards are available for collection in the box on the ATC desk (if you ain't paid it ain't there)!
16/12/2009 The main entry gates at Popham have recently been forced open resulting in a bill for £800 to repair them!  If you see anyone tampering with the gates then please let us know.  If you need access and have forgotten the code then a quick call to Dick's mobile (07818  408041) will give you the required information.
14/12/2009 The 2009 Winter Newsletter has been sent out to you.  If you do not get it in the next few days than please check what address we have for you on our system or send an email to Chris on ATC at
10/12/2009 It is now possible to renew your membership for 2010.  See the ATC desk for a 2010 red form.  Fees remain the same as last year see memberships.  You will also get a reminder and a red form in the forthcoming newsletter.  Note: no discount for early payment but lapsed members rejoining after 1st February 2010 will incur a re-joining fee - this will be strictly enforced!
02/12/2009 On 27th November we had a "non radio" 40 ton Rumanian articulated lorry "land downwind" on the field via the A303!  This has caused serious damage to the southern taxiway from abeam the clubhouse going east for about 150 meters.  Work will soon be in progress to rectify the ruts made during its arrival and subsequent extraction but in the meantime this portion of the southern taxiway remains unusable.  The repairs progress - Keith Ranger has rolled and filled the main damage and it is now useable with care.  The fence and the hedging still need to be re-instated.

02/12/2009 Airfield lower parking area waterlogged.  Please do NOT take cars through the gate into the lower aircraft park.  If this practice persists we will have to lock the lower gate!  Use common sense and ask ATC if you really must take your car to the plane. Contact Us
18/11/2009 Please note: Winter procedures now in place as the ground is very soft.  When passing the clubhouse taxi OUTSIDE the cones on the longer grass.  Taxi south side of R26 where possible.  Touch & goes may be prohibited and the airfield limited to "fly away and fly back" or "Essential Use Only" at any time so if in doubt - CHECK FIRST! Contact Us
15/11/2009 Aero modelling page updated.
05/11/2009 Events page updated.  Motorcycle Matters page updated.

Some of you will already be aware that Blackbushe airfield is hosting a handicapped service personnel event on Sunday November 22nd. It's an opportunity for anyone who is/can be around to take part in a very worthwhile event. It’s for armed forces personnel currently at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court near Epsom. Landing charges at EGLK for aircraft involved are being waived.

We don’t know the exact structure of the day yet, but one for the diaries for those able to participate in any way. Please pass on to any other aviators you may know who may be able to assist.

Details are on the Blackbushe flyer forum @
22/10/2009 A new web cam (situated on the anemometer pole on the corner of the ATC area) should now be working!  You will be asked to Login. The UserID is "guest" and the Password is "guest" (both case dependent).  Click the Web Cam Tab or here to view.  Please note we only have 1MB broadband at Popham and we are not sure at present how many concurrent streams will be supported so do not leave yourself logged in to the camera for long periods!
16/10/2009 The October edition of the "Loop" newspaper advertises that Popham has an End of Season Fly-in on 22nd October 2009 and that flights will be arranged in the Antonov AN2.  THIS NOT TRUE.  All Popham events for 2009 are now finished and we do not offer AN2 flights.  October 22nd is a Thursday and we only ever hold fly-ins on Sundays, additionally our End of Season Fly-in was last Sunday 11th October!

"Loop" will be contacted about this invalid information.

12/10/2009 2010 Events List updated.

Articles required for the Christmas Newsletter - please send to DIck asap.  Tell us what you have been up to!

04/10/2009 Effective immediately there will only be ONE place to book in and out and that is the ATC desk! The sheets in Wiltshire Aircraft Maintenance and also in all the Hangars will be removed.  This is in response to Customs and Special Branch requests.

If you don't like young children, avoid the clubroom on Friday 11th December from 13.00 to 15.00 as there will be 26 five year olds from the local school having their annual Christmas Party.  If you like children, come along and help me entertain them!  Dick 

24/09/2009 2010 Events list added but this is a PROVISIONAL list......subject to possible amendment as required. 

From 1st October to 31 March 2010, winter opening hours come into effect.  These are 08.30 to 16.30 daily.  This means clubroom is locked each day at 16.30 reopening at 08.30 in the morning and fuel sales are from 08.30 to 16.30 daily.  Club members have the use of the pilot's briefing room outside these hours  of course - provided you know the door code! 

The airfield is closed for all purposes on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and the gates will be locked.  Airfield re-opens at 08.30 on Boxing Day - all day breakfasts will be served! 

Contributions for the Annual Newsletter are now required for the annual Newsletter.  All contributions to Dick please before end of November.

24/09/2009 Fuel price DOWN as from 1st October 2009! Now Aircraft £1.40/litre.  Non-aircraft £1.60 litre.

As from the end of September 2009, members will only be able to fax flight plans to Swanwick if the addressing information is correct.  If possible FPL's will have to be done by AFPEx on your PC before leaving home.  We received this info from them by phone this morning and they are prepared to stretch the old fax system for us only till the end of this month.  Popham does now have an AFPEx "Tower" ID and if time permits it may be possible for ATC to enter a FPL for you.  It is advisable to apply yourself an AFPEx ID as soon as possible if you want to fly "Foreign" as it takes some time for Swanwick to check your credentials before issuing you with a password!

Swanwick have a help line phone number which is 0845 6010483.  For further clarification, we suggest you call Swanwick yourself!


Overton added to noise sensitive areas (Airfield Procedures)


Fuel price UP as from 1st September 2009. Now Aircraft £1.45/litre.  Non-aircraft £1.60 litre.


Fuel price DOWN as from 1st August 2009! Now Aircraft £1.35/litre.  Non-aircraft £1.60 litre.


Doug Ranger of Wiltshire Aircraft Maintenance passed away after a short illness.  All at Popham pass condolences to his family at this difficult time.  The funeral was at 11:00 at Overton Church on 3rd August.


Popham web cam suspended until we can make it more reliable!!


Additional "fly-in" added.  See "Help for Heroes" on the events page.


Fuel price UP as from 9th June 2009.  Aircraft  £1.45 Litre.  Non-aircraft £1.70 litre.


Location/Local Info page updated


May Bank Holiday Aero Auto Jumble Classic Car entries CLOSED - Now over 900 booked in!


May Bank Holiday Trade Fair and Aero/Auto Jumble procedures updated.


Popham Web Cam live (access from our "Notam's & Weather" tab)


Flight Shop chart validity updated


Fuel price DOWN as from 9th March 2009! Now Aircraft £1.35/litre


Link to LAA web site addded


Weather information updated with additional links


Events updated with links to Microlight Trade Fair procedures and TRADE STAND request forms added.


Motorcycle Matters updated


Fuel price DOWN as from 10th January 2009! Now Aircraft £1.40/litre


Landing fees £6.00 single, £12 twin.  Membership £120, OAP £80, Social £40


Fuel price DOWN as from 1st December 2008! Now Aircraft £1.45/litre - Non-aircraft £1.70/litre


2009 Events (Airfield and Motorcycle) finalised.


Advance Membership information.  2009 full member will be £120 (£110 if paid before 31/12/2008).  2009 OAP will be £80.  Social member £40.  No discount for the last two!  New joining administration fee £15.  Remember, you must be a member if you own, or are in a group aircraft at Popham.


Fuel price DOWN! Now Aircraft £1.50/litre - Non-aircraft £1.75/litre


Provisional 2009 Events added.



There will be a full Christmas lunch in the clubroom on Wednesday 10th December and as numbers are limited to 30, can you please append your name on the clubroom list as soon as possible with a £5 per head non refundable deposit and the  balance to be paid by the 1st December.  The cost will be £15 per head and those diners who wish to imbibe should bring their own wine etc.

 A Full menu will be available shortly.


For those who have received invitations to the Starlight Function on the evening of 18 October are reminded that this will now take place on Saturday 1st November 2008. 

We are preparing the Winter 2008 Newsletter and if any member would like to contribute news items, articles, etc., they would be welcome and ensure another interesting read!

From the 1st October 2008 until the 31st March 2009 the clubroom and fuel pumps will be closed from 16.30 until 08.30 daily.

19/08/2008 24th August 2008 Pooley's Open Day Fly-in cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control.  However, we will still treat this as a Fly-in (No landing Fees) because it has been published in all the general flying magazines.
16/06/2008 Fuel price UP as from 16th June 2008.  Aircraft  £1.55 Litre / Cans £1.80 Litre
30/04/2008 2008 Microlight Trade Fair & Aero/Auto Jumble postponed.  The re-scheduled date will now be 2nd & 3rd August 2008.  "Events" updated accordingly.
01/05/2008 Fuel price UP as from 3rd March 2008.  Aircraft  £1.40 Litre / Cans £1.65 Litre
18/12/2007 Oil prices increased as from 1st February 2008.
16/12/2007 2007 Christmas Newsletter published.
01/12/2007 Fuel price UP as from 1st January 2008.  Will then be £1.30/litre.
18/11/2007 Entire Web Site updated to reflect 2008 items and price revisions
15/10/2007 2008 Events published

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