Fuel Information
Aircraft Groups
Wiltshire Aircraft Maintenance
Flying School

  • Fuel Fuel and Oil prices and availability
  •   Cafeteria information
  • Pilot Shop  All you need to fly
  • Aircraft groups - available for syndicated share ownership
  • Aircraft rental - there are currently no aircraft available for rental
  • Wiltshire Aircraft Maintenance
  • Flying Schools Ab-initio instruction on Microlights.
  • Flight Instructors  Popham is an unlicensed airfield and ab-initio instruction is not available on light aircraft (although it is available on Microlights). We are however licensed under JAR to carry out continuation training, re-validations, lapsed ratings, and renewals.
  •   Simulator We have one of the most advanced PC-based, multiple screen, Flight Simulators for basic or refresher training (or just plain fun)!  Please contact Airbourne Aviation directly for details.


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