We only have 2MB broadband at Popham and this will not support many concurrent streams so do not leave yourself logged in to the camera for long periods!  If you only get black screen or half a picture this is a sure sign of this happening!

Please note:  The following settings should be a "one-time" only however some Windows Updates sometimes drop the settings so you may have to go through the setup again to make sure you are using the Quicktime Stream.

To set up your PC for the web cam:  

Click here to initially view the web cam window. 

Click on "Login" at the top right corner of the window: the UserID is "guest" and the Password is "guest" (both lower case).

Dependent on your computer, you may be asked to allow a Quicktime "add-in" to run.  Set this to "always allow" if you can.  Again, dependent on your computer, you should then get the web cam window titled "Sarix".  If there is no picture then wait until the lower left corner of the camera display shows "Primary Stream". Click on the square Tool icon to the left of the "P" of "Primary" and in the next screen select "Quickview Stream".  You should then get the correct picture! 

This is a one-time set-up change and you should not have to go through the setup in future but see the warning at the top of this page.

Click here to view the web cam normally.  On some browsers you may be able to go directly to the full screen web cam window by clicking here.

The current view is from the ATC desk looking out over the signal square and parking area.  A notice will be visible on the fence only if conditions are poor or the airfield is unusable.

If nothing is moving then NOTHING IS MOVING!  If conditions are bad we will display a board on the fence which can be seen on the web cam.  It will either state "AIRFIELD CLOSED" or "AIRFIELD NO CIRCUITS" (implying poor/very soft ground conditions).  This may save you a phone call!

The web cam also operates our comprehensive Weather System Advisory Service (WSAS).  If the picture is white it is snowing, if wet it is raining, if you cannot see the fence it is foggy, if it is shaking about it is windy, if it is gone then the Clubhouse has fallen down due to the recent hurricane (call for more info).

An interesting link to other European airfield web cams is:




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